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Welcome from Fiona Mullen. Sapienta Economics Ltd is a consultancy based in the Republic of Cyprus which I founded in 2006. I produce economic and political analysis primarily on Cyprus for international and local clients. I am committed to independent analysis and have no ties to any government or political party, either in Cyprus or abroad. Prestigious clients to my monthly flagship Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus reports include Chevron, EY, Hermes, Pimco, PwC, the embassies of France, Germany, the UK, the US, and more.

What you get with Sapienta Cyprus Snippets

Sapienta Cyprus Snippets, which is free for now, is an insight into some of the analysis you receive with a subscription to Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus, as well as other reflections about the changing world around us and how it is likely to affect Cyprus. It consists of four subsections.

  • Sapienta Cyprus Reflections. Here I draw attention to global or Cypriot developments and explain how they might affect Cyprus businesses or Cypriot interests. On occasion I will also dive into subjects covered in earlier editions of my flagship subscription report, Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.

  • Sapienta Cyprus Selection. A regular selection of links to news that is of medium- and long-term relevance to people living and doing business in Cyprus. It aims to focus on news items that are not necessarily covered in the classic media.

  • Sapienta Cyprus Teaser. Formerly called Sapienta Cyprus Round-up, this is a a peak into what prestigious subscribers get with a full subscription to my flagship Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus report. More about the full report here.

  • Sapienta Cyprus Backgrounder. A quick snapshot on various long-term issues in Cyprus. In future issues I shall be covering the Cyprus problem including the natural gas issue, banking and macroeconomic issues, the population of Cyprus, the value of Russian business to Cyprus and more.

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Fiona Mullen

Cyprus geek. Twitter addict @FionaMullenCY. Director Sapienta Economics. Author Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus. Clients: oil majors, big four accountants, UN, European Commission, World Bank, AMCs etc. #Cyprus #EastMed #cyprob #EconCy #natgas #ONGT